Jolene C., 1/26/2016

  • "Dr. Grossman and her team was great. They are friendly, prompt, and extremely professional. The office was in a great neighborhood. Wait time was the shortest ever that I have experienced. The technology used was all state of the art, and her technique made this experience as painless as possible. I would highly recommend Marcia's practice and organization."

Kristi P., 4/19/16

  • "​She is the best - professional, fantastic dentist, and personable."

​Shannon B., 5/26/15

  • My visit was awesome! I loved Dr. Grossman - she was very professional and came out to greet me right away. She took the time to listen to me and thoroughly go through my history. Her staff was super friendly and helpful. She even had TV for me to watch during my cleaning. One of the best experiences I've had at a dentist appointment. I will definitely go back!

​Alex L., New York, NY 3/16/2014

  • "Seriously, you should just call Dr. Grossman right now and make an appointment!   If you need more convincing, let me tell you my story.  

    I hated going to the dentist.  I'm cavity-prone.  I've been rushed and man-handled.  I've been berated for not flossing.  I've been told I've needed braces (my teeth are nearly perfectly straight, FYI) only to have the next dentist tell me I didn't need them.  I always felt like I was vulnerable to being ripped off and we all know going to the dentist is not cheap.  

    My last bad encounter came from a dentist on Central Park South with good reviews on ZocDoc.  He informed me that I had a cavity on of my front teeth.  When I asked him about how a filling on my front tooth would look, he told me "you know, it's not going to be perfect.  It's going to be noticeable."  Then he suggested that if I wanted the tooth to look better, I could get a veneer, which would be a whopping $1,800.  I left in tears feeling complete panic.

    Feeling anxious and defeated, I made an appointment with Dr. Grossman based on a recommendation for my PCP.  Best decision I've ever made!!  I greeted by Renee, the dental hygienist, and Neil, at the front-desk, who are total sweethearts.  (Renee even put cartoons on in my room to make me feel at ease.)  

    Dr. Grossman is very kind and professional.  I was a nervous wreck and Dr. Grossman put me completely at ease.  I told her about my front-tooth cavity situation and how my last dentist had recommended a costly veneer.  "He said that?," she asked.  "You only need a simple filling."  When I asked her if it would be noticeable, she assured me "it's going to look perfect."  Boy, was she right!  I literally CANNOT tell which tooth got the filling!  And to think I was going pay hundreds more to have a procedure I didn't need!

    Here's the bottom line: Dr. Grossman is an absolute delight.  Her staff makes you feel at home.  Her office in clean and professional. She's never going to try to sell you something you don't need.  Most importantly, the quality of her work is outstanding!  My teeth have never been better."

Michael M., New York, NY 12/12/2013

  • "Dr. Grossman is great, personable, and by personable I mean:  she will see you in person.  No passing patients on to junior staff, when you make an appointment with Dr. Grossman, you see Dr. Grossman.  And, each time, you will also be seen by her partner and dental hygienist Renee, who has been with her for many years.  Let me say that again: the same two professionals have worked together on every dental patient  for many, many years.  That means they have built years of experience together, and they bring all of that to you.  A rare and valuable place.  Highly recommended."

Neil M., Astoria, NY ​1/16/2012

  • "I have to say that I have been lucky to find dr. Grossman. I haven't been to a dentist office because of bad experiences in other offices in the past.  I have always avoided  my visits to the dentist till I met her. I have to say that she makes me feel very welcome and takes enough time to take care of my teeth and oral health. 

She has been taking care of my teeth and now I am doing my invisalign treatment with her. I love how her advice, and  invisalign are helping me to have a healthy and beautiful smile.

I have recommended her to my friends. They are happy with her too. I highly recommend Dr. Grossman. She is great!!!!"

Robert L., Guilford, CT 11/10/2011

  • "I have been a patient of Marcia Grossman for 24 years and only recently retired and left New York. I had tried a number of dentists in NYC before Marcia but never felt comfortable with any until Marcia. She has a calming manner and despite suffering from a fear of dentists, I was never afraid to keep my appointments. 
    Anyone who is squeamish of dentists, Marcia is the dentist for you."

Geoffrey D., Manhattan, NY 10/13/2011

  • "Marcia's the best.  Our family has been going to her for years.  I can't say that our kids love going to the dentist, but they did learn to like and trust Marcia - she has a great way with kids.  And for the two adults in our family, Marcia's always direct and open about what needs to be done.  A warm, caring, and excellent professional!"

Lianne R., Manhattan, NY 10/12/2011

  • "I never have to wait long to go to the dentist and I love it there. The facilites are really clean and the people are really nice.  I have been going here for a while and I wouldn't go anywhere else...especially because there are so many bad dentists out there.

    Dr. Grossman is really nice and sweet (and also wears purple gloves :) ).  Visits are very pleasant.

    I recommend a lot!!!!!!!"

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